Difference Between White sperm and Clear sperm

The human reproductive system is very complex. Semen comes under this system. It is a fluid that is released through the male reproductive organ, urethra during ejaculation. It carries semen or seminal fluid from the prostate gland and other male reproductive organs. Semen is a combination of sperms and fluid. It also includes seminal plasma, which helps to keep the sperm cells viable.

Usually, semen is a thick, whitish liquid. However, several conditions can change its color and consistency. Often, people do not worry about the color, but it is critical to know to be one the safe side. White sperms usually clot as soon as ejaculation takes place and then becomes a jelly-like substance after some time. Clear sperms mean if the color of the sperm is crystal clear. In clear sperms or semen, the sperm count is very low.

Comparison Chart

Basis for Comparison White Sperm Clear Sperm
Definition White sperm has a distinctive color and exhibits several variations, such as a grey and yellowish liquid. Clear sperm does not have any specific color and seems like a watery substance.
Sperm count More Less
Appearance More viscous, thick and cloudy Less viscous or less cloudy
Clotting Usually, clots as soon as ejaculation occurs and then becomes a jelly-like substance It does not clot quickly and spreads like a thin liquid substance
Host Grown-up males and have fertility Younger males who recently gain puberty
Other causes Good general health, a proper diet, lack of sex, less-frequent sex Alcohol use, poor diet, fructose deficiency in the diet, some medical conditions
Reproduction More efficient for the process of reproduction Less efficient for the process of reproduction
Sign of health Healthy sign Unhealthy or immature sign

What is White Sperm?

Sperm is not of a single color. They keep changing their color depending on the nature of humans and their nutrition values. Usually, sperm has gray color but occasionally comes in other colors due to several reasons. One is the passage through which it moves from one place to another place that are ejaculatory duct, the seminal vesicles, the prostate gland and the bulbourethral gland. White sperm usually clots as soon as ejaculation occurs and becomes a jelly-like substance. After some time, they again become the same liquid material as before. It is not an exception for white sperm to become a thick paste and does not point to any medical condition. But the failure of semen to clot and quick change of solid to liquid is the indication of any disease.

A person produced about 2 to 5 ml of the average volume of white semen on each ejaculation. Less than 1.5 ml or more than 5.5 ml indicates any abnormal condition. White semen has a high sperm count and is very efficient for reproduction. An individual can maintain his high sperm count by eating a balanced diet, doing exercise, having a good sleep and reducing alcohol intake.

What is Clear Sperm?

Clear sperm is also called watery sperm as it contains more fluid than sperms. It does not happen in most males normally. But if the color of semen is clear, then there is a possibility of having clear sperm. The main difference comes in when the sperm count starts becoming significant.

The viscous substance in the semen is full of sperms if the color is white. It means that the number of sperm is more and if the color of sperm is clear, then the count is low. Clear sperm is an issue for couples who want to have a baby. The stickiness of the semen produced by the fluid is very important as it keeps them in the female reproductive part for a long time. This thing increases the chances of the sperm and egg getting in contact with each other.

Causes of Clear Sperm

The state of low sperm count in semen is called oligospermia. There are several causes of oligospermia of watery sperm.

The deficiency of fructose that occurs because of a poor diet of a person exercising for a long time every day is the cause of oligospermia or clear sperm. Another big reason is retrograde ejaculation in which there are no or very few semen left after ejaculation. Some techniques to avoid this cause is less ejaculation and avoiding alcohol.

The anti-sperm antibodies produced by the immune system often form an antibody-antigen complex, destroy the sperms and result in the production of semen that is poor in cell content but rich in the fluid.

The doctor may prescribe some medicines if the cause of clear sperm is a bacterial infection. However, for people with hormonal disorders, a doctor may prescribe hormone therapy. Clear sperm is a clear fluid leak out of the penis when a male ejaculates. It may contain sperms and so a female can conceive if the male’s penis comes in contact with her vagina, even if ejaculation does not occur.

Key Differences

  1. White sperm is the type of sperm that has a distinctive color and shows several variations such as yellowish liquid and grey, whereas clear sperm does not have any specific color and seems like a watery substance.
  2. The main cause for white coloring in white sperm is that the number of sperms is more, whereas the main reason for no color in clear sperm is that number of sperms is low.
  3. White sperm usually clots on ejaculation and becomes a jelly-like substance, whereas clear sperm does not clot quickly and spreads like a thin liquid substance.
  4. White sperm is the characteristic of males who are grown up and have fertility. In contrast, clear sperm is usually the characteristic of the males who are young and recently gained puberty.
  5. White sperm is considered a healthy sign, whereas clear sperms are regarded as a sign of some medical disease if it continues for a long time.
  6. If a male does not ejaculate frequently, then there are chances of having white sperm, whereas if a male masturbates often, then there are chances of having clear sperm.


In conclusion, white sperm and clear sperm are the types of semen in which white sperm indicates the normal medical condition, whereas clear sperm indicates any medical disease.

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